The fact is that among all the phenomena and creatures of this world, there is often a tangible, sometimes intangible force, through which the flow of life, survival, and continuation of life become possible.

An emanated force  from an eternal beyond mankind undestanding , which is counted of  laws and principles of creation and ongoing creation of world.Hence, it will become a viable and effective model to advance the goals of a viable business or a new one.

Obviously today, the consumer society (customers in the general sense) is more than ever and increasingly From the various businesses (brands) is located in the orbit of this vital force and choose it wanred or unwanted.Among the field, the success is for those who have the higher quality and quantity of this force and have a programmed and purposeful promotion and upgrade for this force.

The result is that different brands in their business categories and in some cases beyond that,in th orbit of such a force and naturally in order to attract customers, compete with each other closely.

If we turn this property back into commercial literature,It can be said that:The gravitational force of an organization, as a distinct and credible brand among competitors, will increase the profits and tangible and intangible assets (material and spiritual) of an organization that the pursuit of a rational, stable and growing process emphasizes the necessity of such a value.